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Shiny parka coat.

Shop our new in parka coat with shiny materiale which is 55 % PU and 45 % viscose. This type of materiale will keep you dry the whole winter, because its 100 % waterproof. Dont worry our parka’s will also keep you warm down to -25 degrees. We are using rex fur as lining, which is very thick and warm.

When we talk about details our parka’s are designed with real fox fur. You can fasten the waist with drawstring to highlight your body shape. The best part is that you can make your fur collar tight around your neck to feel more warm and comfy.

The fur is removable from the shell and that makes your coat 2 in 1. You can use your shell as a rain coat, or fall/spring coat. And if your are tired of the color on your fur, you can change that by buying an ekstra fur lining in another color. It will only take 10-14 days for us to deliver a new custom made lining.

Did you know that this shiny parka also comes in 4 different colors except black? We can make it in red, navy blue, white and baby pink. We can actually make your dream coat, all you have to d0 is telling us, whatever is in your mind.

How to make your dream coat ? You can click on this link to see our parka selection. If you would like to mix and match your own design, you can do that by sending us and email or visiting our social media accounts.

Thank you for reading our blog post!


BAlCI Copenhagen