Denim Fox Fur Jacket – White

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Denim fox fur jacket, with white fox fur collar. Our denim coat is designed to stand up to freeze temperatures. We guarantee to keep you warm, during autumn and winter.

This jacket is made of 100 % real fox fur and denim. The fur is removable on this style, which means you can use the denim jacket seperat. The design and technique of this coat is very unique and special. Every piece is handmade.We only use the highest quality on the market.

Why choose a real fur coat? Fur holds body heat in much better, than any other types of winter coats. This is what fur is designed to do. As your body creates heat, it is prone to letting that heat loose. Real fur dampen that natural process, so it’s easier for you, to hold on to your body heat. And feel warmer while you’re out in the cold.

Denim Fox Jacket

  • Denim fur jacket
  • 100 % fox fur
  • Lined with polyester (rex fur inside)
  • Length 70 cm
  • 2 side pockets
  • Warm down to -10
  • Removable
  • White fox fur
  • Denim jacket