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Fur types BALCI Copenhagen work with.


Mink is one of the most popular furs in the world. It is extremely versatile and can come in a wide range of styles. Casual to dressy to sporty, and nearly everything between. Mink fur has an excellent value and durability record.

Scandinavia ranks as the top fur-farming region, producing 66 percent of worlds mink production. Denmark is the world’s largest producer of mink skins. Danish mink skins are the most expensive on the world market. Which is due to the fact that Danish mink farmers produce, a superior fur quality in high demand by consumers. 


Fox is the second most popular furs in the world. Fox has the widest range of natural colors (except for mink). Because it can be silver, cross, crystal, blue, red, gray, and white. White fox is the most expensive and its extremely thick.

Fox is one of the best types of fur, because it is perfect for nearly every occasion. It is warm and classic and can be trendy as well


There is two different types of sable: Russian an Canadian. Russian sables are the most expensive fur in the world.  A desirable sable fur will have a lush, dark brown coat with ample amounts of silver hair. Canadian golden sable comes in amber tones. It is less expensive than the Russian sable, but it is equally as stunning. Unlike other furs, sable retains its softness no matter which way it is stroked.

Rex rabbit

The Rex is a variety of rabbit that exhibits plush fur, that is often described as having a velvety texture. Rex fur It comes also in a wide range of natural colors. And it has the ability to be dyed nearly any desired color. This fur is warm, soft and perfect for coats, jackets, vests, and hats. Rex is especially used for lining of coats for warmth, or comprise the decorative outside of winter coats.


There are several different types of lamb fur you can purchase. The different types are: Broadtail, Mongolian, Persian Lamb, Shearling, and Swakara. The most used are shearling. Shearlings are natural lamb pelts. They are commonly reversible, adding to the versatility of the garment.