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6 reasons why you should wear real fur.


Real fur is comfortable to wear, especially if you spend a lot time outdoors. Real fur coats and accessories feels incredibly soft and doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. You won’t find many other coats that offer the luxurious feeling real furs can provide.


Incredible Warmth.

Real fur is a choice of many during the winter season. The reason people prefer real fur over other types of winter coats is due to the incredible warmth. Most people want a coat that can keep them warm against the harsh winter weather.


Increased Durability.

Real fur will last for a long time and sometimes a lifetime. Many people are able to pass their fur coats down through the generations. If you take good care of your fur it will never lose shape  or color. The durability of fur is reasonably long. This is due to the density and strength of the skind under the fur.


A Timeless Fashion Trend.

The fashion trend change year to year like many other aspects of the fashion world, real fur are a fashion that never quite goes out of style. This means you can buy a fur coat today and still continue to wear it for as long as it lasts.



“The biggest issue facing the planet today is plastic, which I think is far more important than the debate over fur. Luxury is natural, he difference between real and faux fur is immediately obvious when you put them next to each other”. Designer Yves Salomon



Truth About Fur is in the process of conducting an experiment to prove that real fur biodegrades much faster than “faux fur”. Fur is durable, you don’t even need to wash it, and totally biodegradable.